Interesting Facts About Your Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Published: 31st May 2011
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Amongst the most prevalent injuries that both professional athletes and sports fanatics suffer from is the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL tear. This ligament takes on a crucial role on the stability of the knee. Therefore, if your ACL becomes injured, you can picture the pain you have to endure. That's the reason why if you tear your ACL, you should not ignore it. Seek medical help instantly.

Importance Of ACL

ACL is responsible for controlling the knee’s forward movement. This ligament connects your shin bone, which is known as tibia to the thigh bone, known as the femur. The ACL works with the PCL or posterior cruciate ligament to keep the knee stable and control its movement. The ACL can easily be injured when there is an abrupt movement on the knee such as twisting or if your knee suffered a serious blow. When this happens, you will feel your knee buckle and wobbly, which makes it hard and painful for you to stand or walk.

Signs And Symptoms Of An ACL Injury

The most common symptom of an anterior cruciate ligament injury is the loud snapping or popping sound. Then your knee begins to buckle and a severe pain will be experienced. This is followed by swelling and bruising on the area of the knee where it is injured. Should the patient tries to walk or stand up, he or she will feel tremendous amount of pain. In addition, the knee will be wobbly and it might be impossible for the patient to stand or walk. So, when you experience such symptoms, you have to call the doctor right away.

Treating An ACL Injury

Depending on the level of the injury, the patient might need a knee brace or surgery. Seldom can you find a case in which the patient just has to rest and wear a brace so as to recover. Generally, an individual who has a ruptured ACL will have to have surgery. The surgery is performed so that the ligament can be reconstructed making the knee stable and strong. There are two ways to repair the torn ligament, one is through making incisions and placing an instrument in the knee to make it stable whilst the other is by removing the ligament and replacing it with a graft. More often than not, the patient is not required to stay in the hospital following your surgery. Nonetheless, he or she must undergo long and arduous rehabilitation.

So, when you are either active in sports or have a career as an athlete, it's important to take care of your anterior cruciate ligament. Women athletes are definitely more susceptible to having an ACL injury than men. Training and performing knee exercises together with a nutritious diet can greatly help reduce the chance of having an ACL tear.

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